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Accelerating people-focused Industry 4.0 adoption and continuous growth through engaging discussions among innovators, leaders, and manufacturing professionals.

Why industry 4.0?

United to advance a shared vision for the future of manufacturing, promoting innovation and efficiency in the evolving Industry 4.0 landscape.

Drive sustainable benefits for shareholders, consumers, and factory workers by igniting the adoption of cutting-edge smart technologies.

Respect, diversity and authenticity in all our endeavors, fostering an inclusive and engaging environment for conversations and collaboration.

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Connected Manufacturing

Our network cultivates essential insights to enhance your understanding, streamline implementation, and propel your success in the realm of smart manufacturing.

Manufacturers have industry 4.0 initiatives.
Global IoT spendings are industry 4.0 related.
Manufacturers gain from Industry 4.0 initiatives.
$1.2 Trillion
The expected impact of AI in manufacturing.
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Our Mission

Our is mission is to accelerate adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies by connecting diverse talent, fostering collaboration, and inspiring innovation.

  • Drive sustainable progress in manufacturing.
  • Foster a network of leaders for learning, and collaboration.
  • Enlighten practitioners on manufacturing technology impacts.
  • Host interdisciplinary open conversations on Industry 4.0 topics.
  • Cultivate a continuous improvement culture among practitioners.
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Industry 4.0 Club has been a game-changer for me, providing a platform to connect with like-minded professionals and learn from industry leaders. Their mission to promote sustainable manufacturing through interdisciplinary conversations has truly inspired me to make a difference in my field.
- Industrial Engineer
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The Industry 4.0 Club has been instrumental in accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge technologies within our facility. Their dedication to fostering continuous growth and improvement has directly contributed to our increased efficiency and sustainability. I'm proud to be part of this forward-thinking community.
- Production Manager
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As a manufacturing leader, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of Industry 4.0 Club's mission. Their commitment to driving sustainable and innovative solutions in the manufacturing sector has not only improved our bottom line but has also made a significant impact on the environment. The Industry 4.0 Club is an invaluable partner in our journey towards a greener, more efficient future.
- Plant Manager
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From the very beginning, the team at this construction company was dedicatedIndustry 4.0 Club has been an exceptional resource for both myself and my clients, offering invaluable insights and fostering connections within the manufacturing community. Their mission to accelerate sustainable Industry 4.0 adoption aligns perfectly with my own consulting goals, and their commitment to continuous improvement has helped drive the success of numerous digital transformation projects. I'm honored to be a part of this dynamic and innovative network.
- OpEx Consultant

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