Our Mission

We believe in a global initiative to connect people with people and people with technology through communication.  We want to empower humans and democratize Industry 4.0 to improve working conditions and manufacturing outcomes. Our aim is to create an inclusive diverse collective of like-minded knowledge sharers and problem solvers.


From weekly fireside chats to fun graphics, Industry 4.0 Club publishes cross-platform content for your viewing.

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Who are we?

Leading Manufacturing Futures

Our multidisciplinary and diverse team represents all corners of manufacturing, from the shop floor to the c-suite, technology providers to operations experts.

Our purpose

Connecting Industry 4.0 with Like-minded Creatives

With numerous Co-Founders and years of experience, Industry 4.0 Club is dedicated to expanding our social breadth, reaching out to industry professionals and creating a network of like-minded creatives.

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Our Latest News & Updates


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The future of automation. Four letters #IIOT.

The Industrial Internet of Things is a popular term in Industry 4.0. Learn more about industrial process and automation.

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Designing technology to compliment automation.

There's no doubt we're living in the 21st Century. Learn how automation is the next step in human history.

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